The Recap, 1

Saturday 7 March

A look back at the week’s live news and discussion programmes here on Monocle 24 including the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton, we discuss the crisis in Yemen and reflect on the murder of Boris Nemtsov.



The Menu, 177

Friday 6 March

The Portuguese wine industry is focusing on higher-quality products – we head to Porto to find out how. Plus, a visit to Saint Petersburg for Restaurant Day, and we get the week’s food headlines from Canada.


Edits / Retail

Inventory: March must-haves

March 2015

From spicing up your lettercraft to adding class to your condiment cupboard, plus timeless additions to your kitchen, wardrobe and workspace, here are this month’s most covetable commodities from issue 81 of Monocle.


Edits / Travel

Attention seekers

From organically growing their first ventures to exploring new horizons, crafty entrepreneurs know it’s the small touches that make their businesses stand out – whether they are making spectacles in London or tableware in…


The Menu, 176

Friday 27 February

Swiss Guard and cookbook-author David Geisser on what different Popes and his fellow guardsmen like to eat, a restaurant in Barcelona that focuses on ‘Pan Con Tomate’ (tomato with bread), and the week’s culinary headlines…


Edits / Food & Drink

Grapes of wrath

Tuesday 24 February

A knowledgeable sommelier can enhance not only the ingredients on your plate but the dining experience as a whole. So why are some simply trying to sell pricier bottles of wine? Monocle’s Josh Fehnert isn’t buying it.

Everyone knows a little about wine, they have a few favoured grapes; they know why they don’t like chardonnay and what goes best with their main course. But beyond this the fascinating – call it intoxicating – world of…

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