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Editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé presents the second edition of the Monocle Review. On this programme we tune into community radio in Bangkok, check in to Copenhagen’s Hotel Nimb and examine the architecture of diplomacy in Kathmandu and Harare. We visit the Nigerian capital Abuja to look at urban renewal, and in Beirut we meet a bookseller who does things his way rather than Hezbollah’s.

Editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé presents the first edition of The Monocle Review. On this programme we highlight Narcotecture in Herat, a cosier version of Davos at Tällberg, a rock festival with a difference in Japan and a high-voltage tour of the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Tyler Brûlé
Camera operator
Luke Clayden
Katrine Seidelin
Tyler Brûlé
Sound recordist
Robin Gerrard

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