April 2015

Stride into the season: part one of our 2015 fashion and retail special. From the best-stocked rails to our top designers, Monocle unleashes all the tools you need to sharpen your game: Special Survey Series


Affairs / Politics

Fuelling the fire

Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg’s brand of conservatism is typically Norwegian: progressive, inclusive and pragmatic. These qualities will be vital in the future as the oil-rich nation considers alternatives to the…


March 2015

Japan-o-rama: can cute and kooky kick-start team Nippon again? Does Japan want to be taken seriously or will it become the Italy of Asia (a bit too slow for real global success)? A Monocle Special Report


Affairs / Politics

Drawn-out conflict

As a thoughtful exhibition on images of war opens at Tate Modern in London, Monocle visits artist George Butler. His ink-and-watercolour scenes bring a new depth to reportage more often the preserve of combat photographers…


Affairs / Society

East to West

Meet the Jazilians: the Japanese population in Brazil shares culture with the nation it calls home while interpreting traditional values within a Latin American society. It is a balancing act still finding the middle ground…


Affairs / Technology

Good feline

As a global Japanese image, Doraemon aptly combines cuteness and faith in technology. But with the blue robot cat from the future seeming increasingly rooted in the past, there’s a sense that Tokyo’s soft-power brokers want…


February 2015

The art of hospitality: reap what you sew (and bake, make and brew). The basics of being a good host: start in the home or a well-equipped Finnish classroom. Monocle gets a few lessons from battle-hardened GMs and some charming ambassadors. A new Monocle special.


Affairs / Sport

Woman of fire

The desire to be the best and enjoy people’s cheers set Tina Maze on the slopes to become a world-champion skier and Slovenia’s top athlete. She tells Monocle about her long journey to the top.

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