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Breakfast at Frédéric's— Paris


Frédéric Malle is a perfumier who knows his croissants, which is why he chose the Café de Flore in Paris – the hang-out of French philosophers in years gone by – for his ‘last meal’. He owns three shops in Paris and his scents are sold across Europe and the world.

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“Because I was raised close to here but now live in New York, I loved the idea of having my last meal where I started, coming full circle. And I like the idea of doing it at the epicentre of my world: St-Germain-des-Prés. I used to come to the Café de Flore all the time as a kid on my way to and from the cinemas nearby. It’s like a second home, my little oyster.

What I love in the morning is arriving from a foreign country and having breakfast very early and seeing people pass by. It’s not about observing the world with a microscope but having a…

Profile, menu & venue


Born into a family of fragrance giants (his grandfather started Christian Dior’s perfume division), Malle has been surrounded by sweet scents his entire life. In 2000, he launched Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle to highlight the hidden stars of the industry: the noses, or perfumiers themselves. In his luxurious range, each scent is a unique collaboration between editor and artist.

The menu

What he ordered: A pot of coffee and two Dalloyau croissants from the pastry tray. Don’t be afraid to ask for the superior pastry.

The venue

Neighbourhood regulars mix with tourists, intellectuals and club kids at this old-world stalwart where arrogance and atmosphere are always on the menu. Which is, of course, why you should go.


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