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Bolian president Evo Morales and his penchant for ponchos, Chile and Peru's pointless weapons race and dating for lonely Canadian farmers. Also, in our View from Washington column, we look at one of Barack Obama's many dilemmas - whether to allow visitors from "friendly countries" to land on US soil without a visa.

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View from Washington

Tourists from some countries find it easier to enter the US than others. Is it time Obama expanded the club’s membership?

By Sasha Issenberg

Barack Obama’s White House has grown fond of direct outreach to foreigners, releasing an online “Happy Nowruz” message to Iranians and inviting French teens to question him at a Strasbourg town hall meeting. But as Obama toys with the instruments of soft power, one group abroad has been conspicuously left behind: Bulgarian tourists and Maltese business travellers who still need a visa before…


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