Inventory No. 26— Global


In this month’s rundown of vital life improvements we have a two-faced candle, a three-legged stool and 12 notebooks to get you through the coming year.

Ceramics, Cosmetics, Furniture, Stationary, Technology

  1. Hundreds Tens Units/wall clock
    A trio of designers called Hundreds Tens Units graduated in 2008 and decided to produce items that champion a Made in England ethos. This clock’s aluminium face was screen printed by Bedford Dials in Tenbury Wells, which also makes dials for Rolls-Royce, and the 1.5mm hands are by Grainge & Hodder in Birmingham. “We’d rather compete on quality rather than price,” says co-founder David Horan. We approve.
  2. Staffan Holm/Milk stool
    “Four legs is just one too many, so I opted for three,” says Gothenburg…

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