Inventory No. 28— Global


In this month’s rundown of life improvers, we have some desk accessories to get you sorted, Brazilian cosmetics to keep you smelling sweet and the best après-ski liqueur we’ve tasted.

Craft, Design, Food and drink, Travel

  1. Born in Sweden/Mailbo
    Founded in 2007, Born in Sweden focuses on functional, sculptural design. Its latest offering is a chirpy fire-engine red mailbox. Hand-made with fibreglass and manufactured with a process used in building boat hulls, its periscope-like curvature reminiscent of nautical design is precisely angled to keep rainwater from blowing into the opening.

  2. Authentics/Travel box
    German Authentics teams up with top designers such as Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Konstantin Grcic and Martí Guixé to produce simple, industrial…


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