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Pleasure wear

— Tokyo


In Tokyo a day off work is a rare treat and whether you spend it walking in the park or working your way through your magazine stash, you’ll need the perfect attire.

Menswear, Tokyo, United Arrows

  1. 10:30 Beat the crowds to the check-out by storing up early, ready for an evening in

  2. 11:15 Catch up on a week’s worth of magazines in the late autumn sun

  3. 13:00 Take advantage of good weather around the Imperial Palace

  4. 14:00 Travel back to Tokyo circa 1972 by sampling toasted sandwiches and a ginger ale at Stone Café

  5. 17:00 Descend into Ginza to pick up a few essentials and the odd admiring glance

Kenichi Yaguchi

Yusuke Hirayama

Reiko Baba

Location (images 5 & 6):
Stone Café


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