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Lost and found

— St John's


Thanks to a strong leader, oil discoveries, new direct flights to Europe and a prime-time drama set in St John’s, it’s boom time for this Canadian province, leading everyone from Norwegian engineers to New York art directors to relocate here.

Canada, Newfoundland, St Johns

It’s Wednesday night and the streets of St John’s, Newfoundland, are deserted. All 120,000 people in this city, it seems, are glued to their TVs watching CBC’s new detective series, Republic of Doyle.

The hit series has become a national anthem for New Newfoundland. Executive producer, creator and star Allan Hawco, a handsome blue-eyed Newfoundlander says, “It’s a 10-year dream of mine to have this detective show set in St John’s, the city I love. For my entire life, our province was always in a depression with everybody having to leave to find…


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