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The Bavarian Opera's new magazine, a cinema that's a community hub in Japan and our regular columnist gives us an update on newspaper *Mint*. Plus, the latest in our series on gallery owners and a Q&A with the founders of a recently opened New York art buying consultancy.

Cinema Amigo, Max Joseph Magazine, Mint

Devil in the detail


Gambling that opera-goers fancy flicking through a bit of laterally thought-through culture when they’re not dicky-bow’d up for Die Fledermaus, the Bavarian Opera’s Max Joseph magazine has hit its stride with its fourth instalment. Editor-for-all-seasons Anne Urbauer joined a year ago “to target a younger generation who pay taxes to finance this highly sophisticated cultural institution but don’t use it”.

High-minded themes (disappearance, shame, rapture) string the issues together with the opera…


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