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Nature's teachings

— Hakone


Dai Nippon Printing’s new training centre, by architect Kenya Ishihara, was designed to inspire its employees. With a spa and views of Mount Fuji, it seems more like a retreat than a place of work but with this incentive we bet the staff never miss a training day.

Dai Nippon, Kenya Ishihara, Mount Fuji

Rows of anonymous grey desks, strip lighting and windowless box rooms: an unwritten corporate rule has long dictated that training centres should embrace unimaginative design in a non- descript setting. But a recently opened training centre in Japan has thrown the rulebook out of the window with the creation of a space that embodies a new generation of corporate design.

Set on the forested volcanic slopes of Hakone with close-up views of Mount Fuji, the building was commissioned by Dai Nippon Printing, a major printing company established more than…


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