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End Point



— London


Where did the past 36 months go? Our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé surveys the editorial floor on the eve of our third birthday.

20 Boston Place, Anniversary, BassamFellows, Baumkuchen, Publishing

It’s all go in the kitchen at Monocle. As we send this 31st issue off to press in Dorset, it’s cake and champagne time around our well-worn BassamFellows table to celebrate our third birthday and the start of volume four. Our resident pastry chef Poppy Shibamoto has whipped up an outstanding array of cookies and Baumkuchen to mark the occasion and friends from the best bubbly houses in and around Reims have sent cases of their finest vintages to assist with the festivities. Aside from Poppy’s whisking and kneading, the whole team have donned their…


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