Triangle d'Or— Casablanca


The Moroccan city famed for its Art Deco architecture is in the middle of a huge regeneration project, making it the perfect time to invest.

Mohamed Zerktouni, Rue d’Alger, Triangle D’Or

With a much-needed urban revival halfway complete, Casablanca is a city to invest in now. Its alluringly faded centre is still stained by pollution and clogged with traffic but new buildings are giving the city a more updated air.

As investment pours in, down-at-heel apartments and villas in the Art Deco centre are expected to appreciate in value. In the meantime, a better choice for first-time investment is the Triangle d’Or neighbourhood, an urban enclave between the beaches and bustling centre.

The modern five-storey buildings are home to met…


“Casablanca is a city where the only tradition is modernity,” says architect Abderrahim Kassou, who heads an association to protect the city’s French colonial buildings from decay. These examples of Art Deco, neo-classical, neo-Mauresque and late art nouveau style have been at risk since Morocco’s independence in 1956, partly because locals felt they were colonial and un-Islamic. But Kassou’s association, Casamemoire, is starting to impress upon people the priceless value, and Moroccan-ness, of the city’s architectural patrimony.


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