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Separate lives

— Curaçao


In October the Dutch island of Curaçao will become a new semi-autonomous nation. It’s hoping that its proximity to South America will make it an ideal gateway for European countries doing business in the region. But first it has to decide what currency to use.

Curaçao, Currency, Economy

At Curaçao’s Fort Amsterdam, the waterside stone fortress that garrisons the leadership of the Netherlands Antilles, one item permanently leads the daily agenda: putting the government out of business. On 10 October the Antilles will disappear from the map. Its red, white and blue flag will be lowered for the last time, its police force will surrender their badges, and its guilder coins will be melted down. “You can’t Google it,” Emily de Jongh-Elhage, the Antilles’ last prime minister, likes to say. There is no online instruction manual to unb…


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