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Bowled over

— South Korea


In a part of South Korea that is so remote it doesn’t even make it on to the map, 84-year-old Lee Bong-ju has been busy reviving the tradition of making beautiful, unique Korean bronzeware.

Bronzeware, Craft, Lee Bong-ju, cutlery

Lee Bong-ju makes elegant cutlery and bronze dishes and bowls, likes to drive his silver Hyundai saloon quite fast and, at age 84, is South Korea’s “Intangible Cultural Asset No. 77”. His workshop and showroom is in the pristine rice and grape-growing region of Mungyeong, in the middle of the peninsula, overlooked by rugged mountains. You won’t find Mungyeong on an average map; Lee chose the location for the purity of the air and the absence of neighbours who might complain about noise.

Lee’s spoons are in the Korean style, long-handled and broad…


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