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Turin, shrewd

— Turin


Guido Martinetti is one half of the chilled duo behind Grom ice cream (and one of our ‘new heroes’ featured in issue 29). When he is not on the road checking on suppliers, he can be found around Piazza Carlo Felice in his native Turin, where he eats, drinks and shops for fresh pasta and wine.

Guido Martinetti, Piazza Carlo Felice

“When I travel for work, I’m always in the car,” says gelato maker Guido Martinetti, as he strolls past food shops in Turin’s old town. “So it’s nice when I’m home and everything is reachable on foot.”

Turin native Martinetti clocks up the kilometres keeping tabs on suppliers. Keen on local provenance, he sources many ingredients from the surrounding Piedmont region, including freshly drawn milk, hazelnuts and organically cultivated fruit for his sorbets.

When not on the road, Martinetti’s stomping ground is the area around Piazza Carlo Felice. In…


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