• ##Ryutaro Matsuda, Keiko Akatsuka and Orika Uchiumi

Graphic designers and printers, Oiseau

“We’ve become the unofficial business centre for the building. We’re already designing business cards for some of the other tenants, so we’re seeing the benefits of moving here.”

  • ##Miho Yoshioka

CEO, Clarity Entertainment

“We only moved in three days ago – I’ve already had a dip in the bath and a beer on our deck. We all used to work in Roppongi. I came here because I wanted to start my new company in a creative environment.”

  • ##Wataru Ando, Keitaro Inoue and Takahiro Ogura

Magazine editors, B Room

“We often work until late and even stay overnight. There’s a spa here and we can eat at The Canteen so it suits our work cycle. The bar is an unusual feature. Our customers love it – we can talk over a beer.”

  • ##Mitsukimi Nozawa

Communications manager, G-Star

“Our stores have a similar design to Tabloid – we also use raw materials such as wood and concrete. We moved here from smaller premises in Aoyama – this place is perfect for us now as the company expands.”

  • ##Yusuke Kawamata

General manager, Think Green Produce

“We manage the property, run the café and look after the tenants. The soft side of our job is organising events and getting the word out. Old buildings are difficult – you can’t tell what you need until you start construction. This one had to be completely rewired.”

  • ##Yasuhiro Harada

Producer, Rebita

“This is a place for people who want office space but also want to be part of a community. We’ve called it TCD – Tokyo Creators’ District. The team of people we worked with all got the idea, which was important.”

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