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Future starts now

— Milan


The Milan Furniture Fair may be over but that’s really just the beginning. Manufacturers, buyers, designers and journalists the world over are now ruminating on what they’ve seen, whom they’ve met and, above all, what the future of design will look like. For our part, we’ve reduced the week’s contents and focused on 10 key products from Salone 2010, each of which sheds light on what’s happening in design right now and what the next year will look like.

Interior design, The Milan Furniture Fair

1. Alternative technology

Net-Box range by Patricia Urquiola for Molteni & C

From aeronautical to snowboard manufacturing, no industry was left unplundered by companies and designers seeking new ways to exploit materials. Patricia Urquiola’s Net-Box storage range for Molteni borrowed techniques normally used for roof panels in shops. The metal panels are stretched and laser-cut to assume an unusually light appearance, which changes when viewed from different angles. Carlo Molteni, president of the Molteni Group, explained the need for looking lat…


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