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Holding it together

— Stockholm


While newspaper groups try to figure out how to survive in digital form, one firm believes that print’s future is just fine if you know that feel and fold – and how a paper is fixed together – are key to a satisfying read.

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Jan Melin thinks he has the answer to securing the future of the daily newspaper amid the digital onslaught of iPads, Kindles and mobile news widgets – and it’s not a new palmtop device. It’s a stapler.

Melin, the CEO of Swedish company Tolerans, a world leader in “in-line stitching” (that’s the two staples that hold tabloid papers together), is an unlikely player in the current debate over the future of print. Visiting the firm’s tiny headquarters (Tolerans has 40 staff worldwide) outside Stockholm, it’s difficult to imagine how a company that has…


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