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Expo 35: Istanbul

— Istanbul


Istanbul is like the Med on steroids; stronger coffee, crazier roads and very animated, opinionated people. But the pace of life is more relaxed than in western Europe and the party scene doesn’t stop until dawn.

Architecture, Culture, Tourism

There is a Turkish word that has no direct English translation, a word that English speakers would do well to adopt. In the same way we borrowed “joie de vivre” or “la dolce vita” from our continental cousins, keyifli has even more everyday import than its French or Italian equivalents.

Crudely put, it is the joy derived from the small things in life, “Keyifli is this,” says graphic designer Pinar Birim gesturing at the encounter we are sharing, an al-fresco conversation over Efes beers and Marmarabirlik olives by the Bosphorus. “It’s hard to…


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