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Hula hopes

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Honolulu, our top-ranking US city for the third year running, wants to shed its honeymoon hotspot image. The film industry, renewable energy and agriculture are helping transform it into a new Pacific power.

Andrew Hashimoto, College of Tropical Agriculture at University of Hawaii, Craig Carapelho, Waikiki beach

Three key facts:
1: It takes seven to 10 days to register a company.
2: Has the largest number of US buses using hybrid power.
3: There are direct flights to eight Asian cities.

To outsiders, it seems little has changed in Honolulu since Hawaii Five-O detective Steve Garrett left town. But step away from the honeymooning couples and flaming tiki torches of Kalakaua Avenue and there are signs that Honolulu is moving beyond the clichéd images that the world holds of the place.

With a booming film industry, an emerging bio-energy sector and the first…


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