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Fashion Briefing

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Everything that's new and noteworthy in fashion, including a sportswear line from Japanese brand Tools, and ties with a twist from UK label An English Hand.

An English Hand, Common Projects, Dalia Barkache, Feldenkirchen, Hollander & Lexer, Jaquin Trias, Levi, Loewe, Nepenthes, Tools

Don't get tied down


Although handmade in the UK with traditional materials and techniques, Jonathan Lloyd-Platt’s year-old tie label strives to step away from orthodox styles. “We want these ties to show a healthy disrespect for the slimy car salesman who has to wear a tie to work,” says Lloyd-Platt. Using English wool suiting and shirt fabrics, the designs cut across the grain of cloth to create horizontal stripes and allows the selvedge to form the tip of the tie, emphasising the hand-crafted nature of each piece.


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