Q&A: Mazen Hajjar, founder

How do you run your business?
I think you could describe my approach as quite humanitarian. Our company tries to be as socially aware and as green as possible. I think about what I want in life, and how I want to be treated by others and then reflect that in the business. I also put myself in the shoes of my employees and customers. That makes me quite a perfectionist.

Who are your customers?
Anyone who cares about quality and being different. In fact, I would like everybody to be a customer because everyone is entitled to quality and everyone is unique.

What are the challenges you face?
The biggest challenge is execution. We have established our brand and proved the market exists. Now we must show we can deliver on a bigger scale without compromising on our artisanal qualities.

What is your approach to branding and marketing?
We created something simple to let the product do the talking. It’s tough to do something minimal but if you do it right, it becomes timeless.

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