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Pot luck

— San Francisco


When two designers bought a pottery, their home became a colourful showcase for the company. Not only have they been able to turn around an ailing business but they’ve also completely restructured and redecorated their house.

Catherine Bailey, Heath, Interior design, Robin Petravic, Svenskt Tennm

San Francisco-based designers Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic used to work for firms such as Motorola and Burton Snowboards but they became fed up with corporate life and wanted a change. ­Although neither has a background in pottery, in 2003 they bought Heath ­Ceramics, a small but respected craft business based in Sausalito, founded by Edith Heath in 1948. It ­offered what they were looking for: it could be sustainable, focused on craft and was ripe for expansion. Bailey is now the managing director and Petravic the creative director.



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