Expo 39: The Print Meister— Hamburg


‘Der Spiegel’ stands for everything that Monocle also holds dear: high-quality journalism, solid facts, covers that sell and a respect for the intelligence of its readers. So we thought it was time we paid a visit to the HQ to meet the editors in chief and glean some company secrets.

Georg ­Mascolo, Hans-Ulrich Stoltz, Monika Zucht, Philipp Oehmke, Rüdiger Ditz, Stefan Kiefer, Verner Panton

Well, they say it because it’s true: the day of the brick-thick news weekly darkens and draws to a close. The sentries at the gate are few, their flags limp, their tunics tattered, their weapons dulled in rough skirmishes with that modish, invisible enemy (and the internet could so easily have been a friend but for failed negotiations, colonialist bumptiousness, post bolted-horses illogic).

While the Economist serves its corporate subscriber niche with laser-beam ­accuracy and Bloomberg’s recent shaking of its recently purchased Businessweek snow…

  • Total editorial staff is 275 (without business staff)

  • 21 foreign bureaux with 23 foreign correspondents

  • Berlin bureau has a staff of 32

  • 2009 circulation over the year averaged 1,000,034 copies weekly

  • Readership of five million, roughly 10 per cent of Germans over the age of 14.

  • Unsurprisingly, the readership is well educated, has a relatively high income, aged about 40 with a 60:40 male/ female split.


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