Expo 39: The Print Meister— Hamburg


‘Der Spiegel’ stands for everything that Monocle also holds dear: high-quality journalism, solid facts, covers that sell and a respect for the intelligence of its readers. So we thought it was time we paid a visit to the HQ to meet the editors in chief and glean some company secrets.

Georg ­Mascolo, Hans-Ulrich Stoltz, Monika Zucht, Philipp Oehmke, Rüdiger Ditz, Stefan Kiefer, Verner Panton

  • Total editorial staff is 275 (without business staff)

  • 21 foreign bureaux with 23 foreign correspondents

  • Berlin bureau has a staff of 32

  • 2009 circulation over the year averaged 1,000,034 copies weekly

  • Readership of five million, roughly 10 per cent of Germans over the age of 14.

  • Unsurprisingly, the readership is well educated, has a relatively high income, aged about 40 with a 60:40 male/ female split.

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