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Influential art collectors Don and Mera Rubell have always dared to sample untested artists – and they have the same fearless attitude to food. But there’s only one dish they could possibly put on the menu for their final repast, and they would cook it themselves at their famous home.

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“There’s something about food cooking in the house that’s very cool and creative; art and food certainly go together because you can’t really do art without a social environment. Although the dining room table sometimes becomes so alien to us because we’re all so busy. We run and eat, but the dining room table is a source of great social pleasure; maybe it’s where you should start your day and finish your day… when our son and daughter were kids we desperately tried to have breakfast and dinner with them.

Actually for a lot of artists, their first…

Profile, venue and menu


Don and Mera Rubell have spent a lifetime “getting there early”, as Mera says. Championing young artists has led to a world-class collection. Founded in a former Drug Enforcement Agency confiscated-goods facility in 1993, the Rubell Family Collection has transformed Miami’s formerly sketchy Wynwood district into an arts hub.


The Rubell’s home was extended in order to incorporate the open-plan kitchen and dining room in which they chose to prepare and eat their Last Meal. It sits next to the Rubell Family Collection – their extensive library links the two.
95 Northwest 29th Street, Miami,
+1 305 573 6090


Main course:
Spaghetti alla Mera. “I always try to use the best ingredients I can,” says Mera Rubell. These are: Nina Italian canned tomatoes, De Cecco No.11 spaghetti, Colavita extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil, crushed chillies and kosher salt.

Dinner with the Harings

Brooklyn, New York

The Rubells have become well known for their low-key, family-style entertaining of artists at their Miami home, but before Miami and before their collection required a Collection it was the Rubell dining table in Brooklyn that acted as an accidental artist’s salon.

“I remember the night of Keith Haring’s first show,” explains Mera Rubell. “It was this crazy event but he just asked Don and I if we could invite him and his parents for dinner – we were like, sure, but what about the party and all the people? Don’t you have better things to do on your opening night?”

Haring’s stock had risen considerably since the Rubells had bought his first figurative and Pop-inspired works (the Rubells were his first buyers).

“Keith said no way, he just wanted to come for dinner. His parents never believed he could be an artist and he remembered that we had one of his first pieces hanging in our dining room – he knew that for his parents to see one of his paintings hanging in a domestic set-up would convince them he made proper art,” says Mera.

“We were sort of normal people that loved his work, and that made it OK.” Mera made the same spaghetti with tomato sauce for the Harings. It’s kind of stuck.


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