Creature Comforts— Ikedaya


Korean-born, American-raised fashion stylist and boutique store owner Sonya Park is happy to have her last meal on her own. As she ponders the road ahead, she wants to be surrounded by the simple, homely food at her favourite restaurant in her adopted Japanese homeland.

Ikedaya, Munehiro Ikeda, Sonya Park, boutique owner, fashion stylist

“Food is very important to Koreans, but my mother never really cooked for us. My brother and I still tease her about it. We had a nanny who cooked for us in Seoul and when we moved to Hawaii, my aunts cooked for us. I’ve been to this restaurant [Ikedaya] so often over the years, it’s the closest I’ve come to ‘mother’s’ home cooking.

I’d be happy to have my last meal alone. There are always so many people around me, but death is the one journey you make alone. I wouldn’t like to think I was seeing someone for the last time anyway. I want simple food…


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