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Expo 42: Trading places

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Egypt is swept up in a wave of euphoria as it takes bold steps towards democracy following the fall of Hosni Mubarak. But part of any future success relies on the Arab giant harnessing the potential of the Suez Canal – and the surrounding region – as it faces competition from growing superpowers, new trade routes and the ever-present threat of piracy.

Egypt, Piracy, Suez Canal, Trade

Down by the quayside in Port Said, two worlds steam past each other on the waves. One is packed tightly into a squat green ferry: chain-smoking taxi drivers, hollering fish-bait hawkers and countless chattering families. The other – a colossus – yawns silently above them: 100,000 gross tonnes of solid steel, 15,000 cargo containers, and not a person in sight. For a fleeting moment the little passenger vessel locks paths with this hulking backbone of global trade. And then it chugs on, across to the other bank where the next batch of city commuters…


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