Making a splash— Düsseldorf


How do you make people think it’s fun to dress up in rubber? That’s the challenge facing a diving industry fed up with its image as a sport for middle-aged holiday-makers in the Maldives. At Boot 2011 they seem to have the answer.

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In the middle of a huge exhibition hall at Düsseldorf’s Boot 2011 – the world’s biggest showcase for all things aquatic – an odd hybrid of presentation and performance art is in progress. In a large white vitrine similar to those that house Damien Hirst’s eviscerated mammals, a bunch of fully submerged divers are playing a slo-mo game of frisbee with a fluvial-friendly gold disc. Water resistance makes the game look oddly listless, but the spectacle is attracting a large and curious crowd. This, according to Boot director Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, is…

Top three finds

1. U-Boat Worx mini submarine
A personal submarine that’s perfect for playing 20,000 leagues under the sea – well, 40 metres anyway.

2. Mares’ X Stream fins
This lightweight, adjustable, open-footed scuba fin won a 2010 Red Dot design award and exemplifies the diving industry’s desire to shift its focus from the adventure to the lifestyle market.

3. Diverbike’s scooter
With speeds of 10 knots, built-in dive lights and a metal detector for treasure hunting – divers can now play underwater “Easy Rider”.


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