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Making a splash

— Düsseldorf


How do you make people think it’s fun to dress up in rubber? That’s the challenge facing a diving industry fed up with its image as a sport for middle-aged holiday-makers in the Maldives. At Boot 2011 they seem to have the answer.

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In the middle of a huge exhibition hall at Düsseldorf’s Boot 2011 – the world’s biggest showcase for all things aquatic – an odd hybrid of presentation and performance art is in progress. In a large white vitrine similar to those that house Damien Hirst’s eviscerated mammals, a bunch of fully submerged divers are playing a slo-mo game of frisbee with a fluvial-friendly gold disc. Water resistance makes the game look oddly listless, but the spectacle is attracting a large and curious crowd. This, according to Boot director Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, is…


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