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Overhauling a business can go two ways: it either backfires badly – BA and Coca-Cola know how that feels – or it radically improves profits. Monocle meets 10 businesses taking the gamble and suggests 10 industries in need of a makeover.

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Relaunching a business can inject new life into an ailing brand, give a successful product a fresh boost or consign a bad reputation to the past. But for every successful relaunch, there are many that have fallen by the wayside: the history of business is littered with examples of great ideas in theory gone horribly wrong in practice.

From Coca-Cola’s launch of New Coke, to the bizarre decision by the UK’s trusty Royal Mail to rebrand as Consignia, the business rethink – if managed badly – can be a disaster. In the 1990s, British Airways chief…


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