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Make some dough— Las Vegas


Pizza has long been heralded as a cheap, all-American staple. But delegates at Las Vegas’s International Pizza Expo were also witness to a booming artisanal pizza trend – and some dough tossers to boot.

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Mark Todd pulls a series of six pizzas out of an oven, passing them one at a time under the noses of a gathering throng. He notes the unexpected odour a different cheese brings to each: the floral bouquet of lavender-scented jack on one, the mild funk of blue cheese off another.

Todd makes a particular show of the last, which he says is coated with 90 per cent standard mozzarella and the remainder a pungent “Schloss” from Marin French Cheese, the San Francisco-area cheese factory that is America’s oldest. “You’d never eat it on its own because it…

New markets: 


Pizza is finding an eager market in India. Already, international chain Pizza Hut has a solid presence, with around 150 outlets in 39 cities, while Domino’s has the home delivery market cornered, with 364 outlets in more than 70 locations. US firm Papa John’s is a local favourite, while New York’s Famous Famiglia and the Pizza Buffet chain are looking to get a foothold in the country. Domestic offerings include Slice of Italy and Pizza Corner.


Global chains such as Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are taking off in China. Pizza Hut was the first to enter the market in 1990 and it’s now the leader with more than 500 restaurants. Pizza Marzano, the international brand of the UK’s Pizza Express, offers a gong bao chicken pizza and a Peking duck pizza. Extra hoisin sauce is available upon request.


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