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Founding father

— Hong Kong


In under four years the Hong Kong International Art Fair has become a key date on dealers’ and buyers’ calendars. Founding director Magnus Renfrew tells us about his work life, and how billionaires and airplanes helped him create a prize show.

Airplane, Arts, Fair

“I was recruited to help set up the Hong Kong art fair – ART HK. Previously I’d been an auction house specialist with Bonhams in London for seven years. I was doing a lot of research into the art scene in Asia and was really struck by the sophistication of what was being produced out here and I was keen to come out to see first-hand some of the changes that are happening.

Asia is booming economically; there’s huge growth here. The auction market is very young but Hong Kong is already the third largest in the world after New York and London. It’s…


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