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Buena Vista golf club

— Havana


Cuba is hoping to revive its ailing economy by opening up the tourist market, giving the go-ahead to a string of swanky new golf resorts. But how do you develop this unique country without diluting its character? Monocle meets one hotel firm that has the answer.

Bellomonte Golf Course, Cuba, Guanabo, Hotel Saratoga, Sol Meliá

Twenty-five miles outside Havana along the coastal highway, the sleepy fishing village of Guanabo sits beside perfect sandy beaches, warm water and ideal body-surfing waves. Cows graze on the nearby hillside, and anyone foolish enough to be out in the heat sits under the shade of a tree. An old rickety locomotive hoots as it chugs along the bottom of the field, and boyish British architect and Coral Capital coo Stephen Purvis points excitedly to the tracks. “The golf course will end near those tracks,” he says, and then looks towards the sea.



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