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Expo 46: Boat people

— St Helena


The ship that leaves from South Africa for St Helena has a practical purpose – it’s the only means of reaching the isolated island. But the ‘RMS St Helena’ is also a place where time stands still – harking back to the height of the Commonwealth when tea and scones were served around the globe.

Andrew Weir, Cargo ship, RMS St Helena

It’s disco night aboard the RMS St Helena. Here on the 105m-long ship in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between Namibia and Brazil, the sun lounge has been transformed into a dance floor. The barefooted wife of the King of Tonga’s chief justice boogies energetically with the South African geology professor while the Norwegian oil chemist drinks whisky at the bar until he is reeled into the conga line by the Australian insurance broker. The line snakes out of the door and past the saltwater pool where the Norwegian’s travel…


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