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The substantial motorcade of the 'humble' Ugandan president, Norway looks to turn Quatar's desert green and a new bridge betwen Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Charles Brumskine, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Hamid Karzai, Johannesburg, Yoweri Museveni

Me and my Motorcade No. 26

Plane living - Uganda [YOWERI MUSEVENI]

When Yoweri Museveni was sworn in as Ugandan president in 1986, he made clear his disdain for leaders of poor countries that spent money on presidential planes. “The honourable excellency who is going to the United Nations in executive jets, but has a population at home of 90 per cent walking barefoot, is nothing but a pathetic spectacle,” he thundered. Some 25 years later, Museveni is still in power and, perhaps unsurprisingly, his views on executive jets have matured somewhat. Two…

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