Expo 47: Press forward— São Paulo


Operating out of Brazil’s business and finance capital, ‘Folha de S.Paulo’, which dates back to the 1920s, is a newspaper success story. With a nose for an exclusive and a band of dedicated journalists, it continues to set the news agenda within the country.

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  • 384 articles per issue on average

  • 305,000 newspapers sold daily on average

  • 1,372 delivery vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles and planes)

  • 1,104 towns and cities served by Folha

  • 9,566 newsstands carry the paper in Brazil

  • 2.4 million daily readers

  • 10 international staff correspondents

  • 500 new articles every day on folha.com

450 journalists

2,000 employees in total

132 infographics per issue on average

500,000 plus Facebook fans

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