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My Frieze Art Fair

— London


This month sees the international art world flock to London for the ninth edition of Frieze Art Fair (13 to 16 October). With more than 170 galleries taking part, and an estimated 60,000 visitors attending, it has become one of the most important events in the art calendar, and is set to launch a New York edition next year. Here we meet five figures involved with the fair, and discuss their experiences of Frieze week.

Fair, Galleries, Regents Park

01 - The gallerist

Maureen Paley

One of London’s foremost gallerists and a member of the Frieze committee

“I generally start thinking about next year’s Frieze stand when I’m taking down the last one. I tend to not want to repeat myself, and never show anything I’ve shown before. I rarely do group shows in the gallery, so the fair offers a chance to use some lateral thinking, to show relationships between my artists that you wouldn't necessarily assume to be there.

You, of course, want there to be pieces that are compelling and memorable. People are…


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