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2012 forecast: urbanism

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What'll happen to our cities in the coming year. Japan wil have more trees, Mumbai will have more high-rises and Portugal will get its first "smart city".

Chengdu, Lodha Group, Paredes, Shaie Selzer, Wadala, William Fain

The face of modern India


Property developers in Mumbai are ploughing €1.4bn into the city’s last major swathe of undeveloped land, as part of a wider plan to move the main business district northward. The city’s centre is currently near the southern edge, making the daily commute for millions of workers extremely difficult.

Upmarket high-rise apartment buildings, offices and retail space will go up on the 23-acre plot in Wadala, a suburb in the centre of the island city. Developers will also dedicate 15 acres to much-needed parks…


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