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Q&A - Andy Kunz, CEO and President of USHSR

On 28 February, the US High Speed Rail (USHSR) Initiative will hold its annual Washington DC conference. Heading up the campaign and hosting the conference is Andy Kunz.

What is the US High Speed Rail Initiative? Following President Obama’s initiative, we launched a bold vision for America; a 27,000km national high-speed rail network. This will revolutionise the US with fast train connections to cities across the country. It’s comparable to what Europe and Asia have had for decades.

What stage is the initiative at?
The project is just getting started. Currently, our ageing roads and runways are crumbling under the strain of too many people. At the same time, the oil that powers our transportation is skyrocketing in price. A national HSR network will increase mobility and significantly reduce our daily oil consumption. Most importantly, it will change our lives for the better. High-speed rail is clean, green, safe and fast.

What will this month’s conference focus on? We will be bringing together business and political leaders with the world’s top high-speed rail experts. The purpose of this conference is to ramp up work on our project. This will encourage business deals and consortiums for building high-speed rail systems in the US. — aes

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