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My Last Meal: The modern man

— Tokyo


TV chef Kentaro Kobayashi is known for no-nonsense dishes and his show teaching men how to cook. Over a meal at his favourite Italian restaurant, he talks about his accidental route into becoming a chef.

Italian, La Bisboccia, TV chef, recipe

“I like food to be easy. There are so many ‘new-style’ Italian, French and Japanese places but I like traditional restaurants. I’m not keen on ‘fusion’ or anything too stylish or cool. Doing something different isn’t hard – the challenge is doing something simple. This place is old-style, like Italy. They don’t mess with the classics. I come here once or twice a month, usually with my wife, Maki, or friends. I always order the courgette flower fritters stuffed with mozzarella. Perfect.

If I were cooking my own last meal I’d make white rice with…


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