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Five years ago Monocle hit the newsstands. Today it’s at the heart of a very modern media company – but also one with some old-school journalistic values. Here our editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, looks back at his 25 highlights of life at the helm.

5th Anniversary, Monocle

A journalist recently asked me to select the five highlights of editing monocle over the past five years. “Only five?” I asked. While we munched on ANZAC biscuits that our lovely PR Emily had made for our floor, I mentally wandered back up to Boston Place and peered through the window of our old hq – circa February 2007.

Back then it was a wholly different affair as there were fewer than 10 of us responsible for commissioning, writing, editing and art directing the whole project. Poppy Shibamoto had only recently graduated from reception to the…


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