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Bombay Beach

Director: Alma Har’el

Alma Har’el’s striking debut is a heartfelt quirky documentary about the last gasps of the American dream – how does it work nowadays and what does it mean for the residents of California’s Salton Sea? The pic successfully avoids overused hard-life clichés and delivers a tender story – through singing and dancing – of the lives of trailer park America. The film is also accompanied by some great tunes, courtesy of Beirut and Bob Dylan.

If you missed it on the big screen, Bombay Beach is now available…


Lewis Laney

Laurence King Publishing


100 Ideas that changed… Laurence King’s slick series of art titles kicked off last year with books on fashion and architecture. With the latest additions (on film and graphic design) coming out this month, the publisher is also working on a photography instalment, due this autumn.

How did you come up with the series? The idea grew organically in-house. Each title is dealt with by a different commissioning editor, depending on their own interests, and from there we recruit writers, either from our existing pool or by contacting reputable experts in the specific area we think would do the idea justice.

Tell us more about the design of the books. Angus Hyland of Pentagram came up with the original design idea – each cover features chapter exerts designed to engage and catch a reader’s attention. The beauty of the books is that they’re collectible and suitable for anyone interested in the subject, from students to laymen.


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