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The power of five

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Not everyone’s favourite place can be included in Monocle’s top 25 destinations. But we’ve made a little room for five cities close to our editors’ hearts. From tech hubs to design capitals, you’ll be hearing more from these very soon.

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01 - Chengdu

Technically gifted

In 2000, the Chinese government had a message for the country: “Go West, young comrades.” It also invested huge sums and created financial incentives to lure businesses – and workers – westward.

The strategy paid off handsomely in Chengdu, which is emerging as the IT hub of China. The city has become a magnet for foreign investment due to its highly educated workforce, low cost of living, and the pro-business environment. Chengdu also has a reputation for a high quality of life, fiery cuisine and a thriving rock scene…


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