Captain Bharat Verma

Founder, Indian Defence Review


Why did you start India’s first military publishing house?
Lancer Publishers started in 1979. Before then, there was no dedicated military publishing house. I’m a former army captain, and back then, sitting in the Thar Desert, I decided to set one up, with the intent of creating a lot of content written by Indians who had fought in wars.

What do you publish?
Books on national security, Indian border disputes and more. Indian Defence Review started in 1986.

What issues are discussed in ‘Indian Defence Review’?
We discuss internal security, border defence, external relationships, and the problems of equipping our homeland security. The Indian military is also involved in a major upgrade and is buying more technology.

So there must be a lot of potential advertisers then?
From 1986 to 1998 there were no profits because there were no advertisers. But then the geopolitical situation changed, India became an important market. We get a lot of advertising from MBDA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Rafale.

Where can IDR be bought?
By subscription and at newsstands in India. We also have distribution deals in the US and UK.


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