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It's time for London's first Frieze Masters, plus a round-up of the latest art sales and books.

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Inky depths - UK [ART BOOKS]

London history

The Company of Artists - Charles Saumarez Smith

Charles Saumarez Smith knows the company of artists well enough to also know that calling his new book on the early years of London’s Royal Academy of Arts The Company of Artists isn’t a bad sell.

After all, artists are an amusing bunch; you tend to get an equal amount of miscreant with your creant. The major artistic themes of the 18th and 19th centuries are observed and the key players nodded to, but the book is best on the politics and exploded stuffiness…

Bestselling books

  1. Animalário Universal del Profesor Revillod; Javier Sáez Castán & Miguel Murugarren
  2. The Incredible Book-Eating Boy; Oliver Jeffers
  3. Foam of the Daze; Boris Vian
  4. The Son of a Thousand Men; Valter Hugo Mãe
  5. Jerusalem; Gonçalo M Tavares

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