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Look back in wonder

— London


The white-topped marquees that dot Regent’s park during the Frieze Art Fair have become a fixture of autumnal London. The fair has built an unrivaled reputation for attracting the world’s most exciting mix of industry-celebrated and undiscovered art for purchase. This October will mark a new chapter in the event’s history: after the success of their first New York fair in May, they’re now expanding into the historical art market, with a coinciding show entitled Frieze Masters.

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01 - Victoria Siddall

Creative director

Before joining Frieze in 2004, Siddall worked for the London auction house Christie’s. She now heads up the firm’s new venture into historical art.

“No one has ever tried to do a fair like this before,” says Victoria Siddall, the director of Frieze Masters. “It’s a totally unique and contemporary approach to historical art.” Unlike other meticulously segmented historical art fairs, Frieze Masters will put works from across the last millennium side by side. “You might see Donald Judd next to a medieval sculpture…


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