Q&A - David Allemann: CEO, On shoes - Switzerland

With the help of a champion ironman, David Allemann has attempted to redesign the humble running shoe. The new design absorbs both vertical and horizontal impact (conventional shoes only cushion vertical impact), so it feels like you’re landing on sand but pushing off from concrete.

How dynamic is the running industry?

There hasn’t been a lot of true innovation over the past decades. Yes, there has been a lot of change in design and materials but not in the way the running shoe works.

How do you compete with giants of the market?

Simply with a unique concept. When the everyday runners step into our shoes they feel the new running sensation immediately.

Do athletes create successful sports shoe companies?

It’s the very foundation. On is very much from athletes for athletes.

What is more important: design or the technology?

I think it goes hand in hand.

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