Lucca— Italy


For those who want to breathe in the Tuscan air but avoid sharing it with too many tourists, Lucca’s old town could be just the ticket.

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With its imposing red-brick ramparts and grassy moat Lucca is not at first glance the most welcoming of getaway spots. But in well-trodden Tuscany the city’s old town is a relatively safe haven from the tourist onslaught that has overrun its more famous neighbours of Siena and Florence.

For one, the city lacks the big-ticket monuments: no leaning tower or supersized work by a Renaissance archistar. Opera buffs do flock to see the birthplace of Puccini but around the corner, shopkeepers, tailors and dressmakers get on with their work and tourist tat…

Property Guide

It is best to use a property agent when buying in Italy. Once you’ve found a home, a preliminary contract (compromesso) is drawn up. The buyer pays a non-refundable deposit of 10 to 30 per cent of the purchase price. Expect to pay the estate agent 3 per cent in fees, which may be payable at the compromesso. After signing the final contract (rogito notarile), the purchaser pays the remaining sum, the mandatory notary fee (about 1 per cent), solicitors fees (if applicable) and purchase tax. Buyers will also need to obtain an Italian tax code number (codice fiscale). Budget 10 to 12 per cent of the purchase price to cover all fees.

1 bedroom, €300,000 2 bedrooms, €450,000 3 bedrooms, €630,000

Estate agent
Ser. Imm. is a local agency with properties in the city centre, surrounding hills and Tuscan seaside. Staff speak English and the firm is partnered with UK agents Knight Frank. Via della Fratta 19, +39 0583 467 450, serimm.net

  1. The city centre has a compact footprint as well as being flat and closed to car traffic.

  2. From nearby Pisa airport there are year-round flights on major carriers to London, Paris and Munich.

  3. Elements of the Mediterranean diet are easy to source locally (olive oil, legumes, fish and red wine).

  4. The tree-shaded path atop the ramparts is perfect for afternoon walks or a leisurely bicycle ride.

  5. At Bagni di Lucca (30 minutes from the city centre) you can partake of the curative waters at the hot springs to combat respiratory ailments and backaches.


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