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We land in Tuvalu for our Flight Path series, report on dwindling natural resources in Papua New Guinea, and find out why Aussie rules football is going to China.

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That's the runway?


Airline: Air Pacific
Route: Nadi to Funafuti
Plane: ATR-42 (40-52 seats)
Frequency: Twice a week

Landing in Tuvalu certainly takes blind faith. The endless South Pacific doesn’t so much recede as take what seems to be a short and arbitrary break. One minute you’re soaring over endless topaz; the next you’re angling to touch down on a spit of land so narrow that it offers little more hope than a spectre.

Tuvalu, a tiny chain of coral atolls about halfway between Australia and Hawaii, is one of the most…

  • Though US-Australia relations have not been a dominant theme, Australia will still take an interest in the result: the US is its largest foreign investor.

  • America’s gathering interest in the Asia-Pacific region focuses on Australia but the latter has to consider its relationship with China. In August, Australia rejected a proposal to expand the HMAS Stirling naval base near Perth.

  • Australians are likely to prefer Obama to Romney: Australian approval of American leadership jumped from 25 to 69 per cent in the first two years of the post-Bush era.


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