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Eager weavers

— Phillipines


Cebu is the manufacturing base for many high-end international furniture brands but it’s only recently gaining the recognition it deserves for its skilled craftsmanship. Meet the people boosting the city’s reputation and supporting local talent.

Craft, Daniel Latorre Cruz, Dedon, Joe and Christina Gaston, Karl Aguila, Kenneth Cobonpue, Stanley Ruiz, Vito Selma

The factory workday at Dedon starts with a singing and dancing session at 07.45. Three hundred employees are lined up on the basketball court, waiving arms and legs in sync to the guitar-playing on stage, which is really the unloading bay for outdoor furniture handwoven in a plastic that resembles rattan.

Launched by former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Bobby Dekeyser 22 years ago, Dedon puts its staff and the community first. The company sponsors a school, helps families who live on a rubbish-tip make the move to a Dedon village of woven houses and…


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